The Bank has been giving reward points on usage of its Debit Cards/ IBS/ MBS/ PNB Kitty/ PNB UPI to its esteemed customers. This program shall be ceased with effect from 01.08.2018. The new reward based program, shall be announced separately. However, the Reward Points already accrued by the customers shall remain valid upto 30.09.2018. Accordingly, customers are requested to redeem their Reward Points before 30.09.2018, after which the unredeemed points will expire.

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Samsung Laptop Bag

Price: Rs. 1159.00

Points: 5996

Discounted Points to Redeem: 4636

23% off

Pebble Wave Wired Stereo Hd So...

Price: Rs. 790.00

Points: 3596

Discounted Points to Redeem: 3160

12% off

Samsung Bluetooth Hm1350

Price: Rs. 1008.00

Points: 4616

Discounted Points to Redeem: 4032

13% off

Alisa Neo 850 1 Casserole

Price: Rs. 496.00

Points: 1984

Discounted Points to Redeem: 1984

0% off

Davidoff Cool Water Deo 75Ml-M...

Price: Rs. 1153.00

Points: 8000

Discounted Points to Redeem: 4612

42% off

Parker Galaxy Series Roller Pe...

Price: Rs. 721.00

Points: 3160

Discounted Points to Redeem: 2884

9% off

Puma Hold All Backpack

Price: Rs. 766.00

Points: 6236

Discounted Points to Redeem: 3064

51% off

Chandan Pyali In Brass

Price: Rs. 140.00

Points: 640

Discounted Points to Redeem: 560

12% off


Price: Rs. 819.00

Points: 4400

Discounted Points to Redeem: 3276

26% off

Sandisk Ultra Dual 32 Gb 3.0 O...

Price: Rs. 1219.00

Points: 5780

Discounted Points to Redeem: 4876

16% off

Jaypee Trusteel Insulated flas...

Price: Rs. 445.00

Points: 1780

Discounted Points to Redeem: 1780

0% off

Silver Plated Glass

Price: Rs. 150.00

Points: 700

Discounted Points to Redeem: 600

14% off
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